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Casey loves checking out the Internet for cool websites that are just great for kids and teens.  This page has some of his favorites.  Your mom and dad might like some of these sites, too.  Always make sure they know what sites you are visiting and ask them if you have any questions about the information on the sites.   These sites have been carefully selected for appropriateness. You will find links to science pages, children s books on-line, gross and icky things, teaching pages, other money resources, and pages that explore diverse sections of the globe. If you feel that a site we have listed is inappropriate, or if there is a site you feel should be included on our list, please forward your comments to casey@tpbeatonton.com.

Fun Kids  Sites
Kaboose Inc. - this sites has tons of games - check it out! Start with the math games and move on from there - lots for parents, too
The Discovery Channel
Warner Brothers
PBS Kids
Kid s Space
Whitehouse for Kids

This Stuff is Icky
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Other Money Sites
U.S. Treasury for Kids

Children’s Books & Stuff
Internet Public Library
Kids at RandomHouse

Our Wonderful Planet
The South Pole
Google Earth


iSavings Games & Fun

It all adds up - Personal finance for Teens who want to get a head start on their financial future.  Play online games and simulations to learn about credit management, buying a car, paying for college, budgeting, saving and investing.

Money Talks - Should I be Listening? - Um, hellooo.  Yes - especially if you’re planning on leaving the comfort zone of home anytime soon.  Check out cool downloads, educational videos, interactive games.

Teen Consumer Scrapbook  - Written by teens, for teens with tips & advice on spending money without losing your shirt, including info on common rip-offs in stores and online shops, scholarship scams, credit card “deals” and more.

It’s my life >> money - Learn how to make money and spend it the smart way from how to make your own career to how to manage the earnings.

The Mint - You paid how much?  Welcome to the real world with guides to tracking where all the money goes and how to hold onto it, including tips on earnings, spending, investing, with interactive games to sharpen your money smarts.