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Cool Cat Club Savings
Our mascot, Casey, thinks that savings is Cool and wants to help you get your child started in the right direction.  You just need $5.00 to open a Cool Cat Club account and there is no quarterly maintenance fee.  The first 7 debit items are FREE. After 7, an excessive activity charge of $2.00 will be incurred per debit item for that quarterly statement cycle.  For every day that their balance is $5.00 or more, the account earns interest at the current rate for Cool Cat Club.  Interest is compounded quarterly.

Special events are included with this account.  Your child will receive a special birthday card from Casey. At Christmas time they will receive a card inviting them into the bank to receive a special gift.   Check out the Games & Fun sections for links to sites that are safe for them, and you,  to visit.  You will find lots of sites with games, activities and they might even learn more about money and the importance of saving.

At the age of 13, the account will be changed to an iSavings Account